Safety as a Wheelchair User During COVID-19

While there are many things out of our control during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are things you can do to increase your safety and wellbeing. These times can be even more stressful for wheelchair users as you may not be able to avoid contact with others or follow all CDC guidelines and recommendations perfectly. To reduce the stress of figuring out what you can do to stay safe, we have some resources for you.

Keeping Your Power Wheelchair Clean

Disinfecting frequently used surfaces regularly and washing your hands and your clothes often are common recommendations. What does that mean for your power wheelchair? Your wheelchair is an extension of you, and much like washing your hands or your clothes, your power chair should receive the same attention and care. We have the perfect article for you all about cleaning your motorized wheelchair that you can read for more information.

No-Contact Appointments
Interactive Assist offers convenient real-time chat

The CDC recommends staying at home whenever possible. To reduce contact with others, many people get their food and groceries delivered to their house. When it comes to doctor’s appointments, many offer online alternatives for meeting that are just as helpful and efficient as meeting in person. At Quantum Rehab®, we partner with our authorized dealers to provide you with safe options if you need technical service or have a question about your motorized wheelchair. The Interactive Assist app allows a technician from your Quantum dealer to obtain a direct, real-time connection to your power chair’s electronics to diagnose error codes and common issues with your power wheelchair.

Outdoor Safety

While indoor activities are complicated and limited because of COVID-19, there is no limit to going outside and enjoying nature. If you get creative, you can find several activities to do while social distancing or even on your own. We have an article all about spending time outside during COVID-19 that gives you some fun ideas.

Protecting Your Mind

Although you are protecting your body from COVID-19 by staying home, prolonged isolation and increased screen time can be detrimental to your mental health. With negative news stories, arguments on social media, and uncertainty becoming everyone’s default emotion, it can be hard to feel any hope or positivity. Part of self-care during the pandemic means protecting your mind. We have an article about disability and mindset during COVID-19 where our Q Roll Models and brand ambassadors give tips and insights from their lives throughout the pandemic.


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