Bryson Foster: Taking on the World

Bryson Foster is many things: a lover of sports, full-time college student, brand ambassador for Quantum Rehab®, to name a few. What is he most famous for? Bryson is the voice of Vex Robotics. What started as an after-school gig has turned into a passion over the last five years and Bryson has earned quite a reputation as an announcer. What gives him his edge? His Edge 3 Stretto® Power Chair!

Diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy at age five, Bryson uses his Edge 3 Stretto Power Chair for mobility. With an overall width of 20.47 inches with 12-inch drive wheels, the Stretto is the narrowest, most maneuverable power wheelchair in America. The Stretto is the perfect choice for a busy, active adult like Bryson. The Stretto Power Wheelchair keeps him moving independently throughout the day.

“My Stretto has given me more freedom,” Bryson said. “The narrower width fits easily through tight doorways at home and at school.”

Bryson Foster in his Stretto Narrow Wheelchair

Bryson is currently pursuing a degree in communications at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. Small classrooms, narrow doorways and tight threshold ramps are no match for the Stretto’s narrower width. Plus, when it comes to uneven terrain on campus, the Edge 3 Stretto Narrow Wheelchair is equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), which ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for Bryson.

“The Stretto’s suspension system makes the driving experience across campus safe and enjoyable,” Bryson said.

The Edge 3 Stretto is available with optional iLevel® technology, a power elevated seating system that raises the seat of Bryson’s narrow wheelchair up to 12 inches in height.

iLevel gives Bryson a better view of the action when announcing. It also helps him maintain a presence within the crowd and interact with parents and the teams that participate in Vex Robotics competitions.

“With iLevel on my Stretto Power Wheelchair, I can be eye-to-eye with others and I am not craning my neck to see what’s going on out in the field,” Bryson said.

With such a busy schedule, Bryson sometimes goes all day in his power wheelchair. It’s easy for him to stay connected with his friends and family thanks to the standard USB charger on the Stretto. It keeps his smart phone charged and ready. When traveling across campus, parking lots or busy streets, Bryson uses the front and rear LED fender lights to see and be safely seen at night.

With his Edge 3 Stretto and a can-do attitude, Bryson feels like he can take on anything!


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