Let’s Celebrate World Kindness Day

On Friday, November 13, we celebrate World Kindness Day. Can you remember the last time you did something kind for someone else? Maybe you offered to pay for a stranger’s coffee or you let someone merge ahead of you on the interstate. Whatever it may be, a single act of kindness can truly impact a person’s life. Read on for some ideas of what you can do to pass kindness on to others.

What is World Kindness Day?

Started by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, the mission of World Kindness Day is to make kindness the norm. People can connect through kindness and kindness can be taught. Through a school curriculum, Random Acts of Kindness gives students the social and emotional skills needed to live more successful lives.  The foundation also offers a workplace kindness calendar to show companies how to integrate kind gestures into workplace culture. The year 2020 has been tough for many. Together, we can make the world a kinder place, one act at a time.

Kindness Through Volunteer Work

Josh in his Edge 3 Power Wheelchair

Ever since he was a kid, Quantum® brand ambassador and electric wheelchair user Josh McDermott has been taught by his parents about the importance of volunteering. Josh strives to donate his time and do good through volunteer work. He worked with at-risk youth as a teenager and has been an ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Josh also tries to spread kindness to others, whether it’s paying for someone’s meal or smiling at a complete stranger. Recently, Josh helped raise funds for veterans and his local VFW. Josh believes that if you give out good, good comes back to you.

Kindness Through Mentoring

Stephanie in her Edge 3 Power Wheelchair

Stephanie Woodward is a Quantum® brand ambassador who is actively involved in advocating for disability rights and the disability community. Like many individuals with disabilities, Stephanie uses an electric wheelchair. While attending school, she did not know that she had the right to ask for accessible accommodations. Disabled young women of today can truly benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of disability leaders in their community. Stephanie hopes that through mentoring others, she can bring a new generation of disabled women into the community to serve as role models and leaders.

What is Your Act of Kindness?

Thinking of volunteering for your local veterans’ organization? Do you want to mentor teens or help out at your local homeless shelter? Whatever you decide, choose an act of kindness to complete for #WorldKindnessDay.


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