Safety Features for Your Power Wheelchair

Your safety is our number one priority. Quantum Rehab® offers a variety of power wheelchair accessories that help keep users safe. Whether you’re looking for yourself or for a loved one, these power chair accessories are perfect for meeting the needs of those who use them.

Quantum® Backup Camera

The Quantum® backup camera is one camera with many uses. It promotes safety with a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees. Some of its features include multiple mounting options available for the camera, 3.5-inch display with protective case to prevent damage and infrared capabilities allow for use at night. You can choose between two modes: one is that the camera is always on and the other is that the camera turns on with a reverse command. The Quantum backup camera is available exclusively on Q-Logic 3, but will also be available on NE/NE+ in the future.

LED Fender Lights

LED fender lights come standard on the Edge 3 Stretto® and Edge® 3 power chairs, ensuring that you can see and be seen. The lights are mounted to the fender above the drive tire on each side of the power wheelchair, increasing visibility from a wide range of angles. They’re ultra-bright, long-lasting, slim, compact and durable. This lighting package includes white front lights and red rear tail lights and are operated at the touch of a switch. Read more about why lights are important on power wheelchairs.

SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension)

Suspension isn’t flashy or fancy but very necessary for your safety when operating your power wheelchair. Experiencing high amounts of vibration while riding can cause user fatigue and discomfort. With unprecedented comfort and ride quality, Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS) delivers exceptional driving performance over multiple terrains. Additionally, SRS adds stability to optional iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height. With iLevel® technology, you can elevate 12” on your Edge 3, making it easier to see and be seen.


This last safety accessory comes standard on every power chair. Wearing a wheelchair seatbelt is important to ensure your safety. This seatbelt reaches across your lap and keeps you strapped in and secure as you navigate uneven terrain.

To learn more about Quantum accessories, go to the product dropdown menu on There, you will find an option labeled “accessories.” Clicking it brings you to our Quantum accessories page where you can find information about our power wheelchair products.


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