Quantum Power Wheelchair Backup Camera

As a power chair user, you understand the challenges you may face in different environments. Whether it’s driving down a sidewalk, navigating between parked cars or crossing the street, safety is a real concern for many individuals with disabilities. Over the years, Quantum Rehab® has developed a variety of power wheelchair technologies that address these safety concerns. iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height, for example, can raise a power chair user up to 12 inches in height, providing greater visibility and enhanced access. Front and rear LED fender lights on Quantum® Power Chairs help individuals see and be seen in low-light areas. Most recently, the line of Quantum wheelchair accessories has seen a new addition. Introducing the Quantum backup camera, a game changing device that has given power chair users the ability to see what’s behind them!

The Benefits of a Power Wheelchair Backup Camera

Backup camera and LCD display

It can be difficult for motorized wheelchair users to see what’s behind them when reversing their chair. Many wheelchair users have difficulties turning their heads and necks to see what’s around them. A power wheelchair backup camera takes the guesswork out of reversing, especially when operating a wheelchair for narrow doorways. Whether you are reversing out in public or in your own home, the Quantum backup camera promotes safety with a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees. Door frames, family pets and small children are now fully visible thanks to this power wheelchair backup camera.

Add a Backup Camera to Your Stretto Narrow Wheelchair

Edge 3 Stretto with backup camera

If you have the Edge 3 Stretto® Narrow Wheelchair for narrow doorways in your home, why not add the backup camera to make your power chair experience complete? The Quantum backup camera is available exclusively on Q-Logic 3 controllers but will be available on NE and NE+ controllers in the future. There are multiple mounting options available. The 3.5-inch LCD display can be mounted off the armrest or side rails for added convenience. It also includes a protective case to prevent damage. There are two modes for operating the camera. The camera can stay on at all times or it turns on with a reverse command. The backup camera also has infrared capabilities for use at night, perfect for reversing into the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Purchase Quantum® Wheelchair Accessories

Want to learn more about the power wheelchair backup camera? Are you ready to purchase? Contact your authorized Quantum dealer and let them know you wish to purchase it.


5 thoughts on “Quantum Power Wheelchair Backup Camera

  1. What is the cost of the back up camera and the glove box? I’m interested in both. Kurt Smith
    601-528-3889 I have a 4front ilevel

    1. Hi Kurt, the MSRP for the backup camera is $350. The glove box MSRP is $125. Please contact your authorized Quantum dealer for specific pricing and to purchase.

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