Look Behind You! Quantum® Launches Backup Camera

It began as a discussion, evolving into a reliable and durable product that changes the way our consumers see the world. Introducing the all-new Quantum® backup camera. This camera has many uses and promotes safety with a rear viewing angle of 170 degrees.

Quantum backup camera

The Quantum team is super passionate about our products. We strive to make products that are better and more affordable. This passion fueled many discussions about how we can help consumers be more aware of their surroundings. The answer? A backup camera! The Quantum backup camera helps consumers be more aware of what’s around them when backing up. Several consumers tested the backup camera on their chairs before launch, providing valuable feedback that was incorporated into the final product.

The backup camera offers two modes: the camera is on always or the camera turns on with a reverse command. The 3.5-inch LCD display comes with a protective case to prevent damage. Infrared capabilities allow for use at night and the camera can be retrofitted onto existing power chairs. This revolutionary accessory can be purchased through authorized Quantum providers.

John Storie, Vice President of Quantum Sales, Eastern U.S., expects the backup camera to become a very popular accessory based on the responses we have received from consumers, therapists and providers.

“When reversing, wheelchair users may not know where walls, furniture, pets and other obstacles are,” Storie said. “Cameras are now offered for many different uses in today’s world, and we want people who use Quantum Power Chairs to have the same technology available to them.”

It is our passion to enhance the user experience and to constantly bring new, innovative ideas to life. The Quantum backup camera is just one more tool in the arsenal of Quantum products to help consumers live full and active lives.


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