Matt Olson: Regaining His Edge

As an athlete, Matt Olson knows the everyday challenges that players and sports teams face on and off the field. Seeing this drive and determination gives Matt the resolve to overcome adversity in his own life.

At just 20 years old, Matt sustained a spinal cord injury while playing ice hockey.

“I lost my edge and fell headfirst into the boards,” Matt said.

Matt didn’t know anything about complex rehab technology before his injury. His physical therapist recommended Quantum®. Now using a power wheelchair for mobility, Matt has regained his edge. An Edge® 3 with iLevel®, that is!

With 12 inches of elevation, Matt has greater access to the world around him. He can raise his chair to be at eye level with others.

“When I’m talking to people, it gives me confidence that I can make direct eye contact with them,” Matt said. “It makes it easier to engage in the conversations and hear the other person.”

The SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) is another great feature that Matt loves.

“When I go over doorway thresholds, it is much smoother. I’m also able to navigate over rougher terrain with less bouncing,” Matt said.

With his Edge 3, Matt has all the independence he needs to live his life. He still loves hockey and other sports. Nothing is better than being outdoors. Currently, Matt is pursuing a degree in Environmental Science at Anoka Ramsey Community College.

As a college student, having Bluetooth® technology on his Edge 3 is extremely beneficial for Matt. It allows him to connect to multiple devices at the same time while doing his schoolwork. Bluetooth also helps him keep in touch with his loved ones. He can access his phone to stay connected with friends and family and use social media apps.

Matt’s experiences have opened his eyes to the importance of raising awareness about the challenges that spinal cord injury patients face, as well as the need for complex rehab technology.

“I get compliments on my power chair. People are impressed with the technology and how durable it is. Plus, I get asked all the time to demonstrate the iLevel feature,” Matt said.


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