Planning an Accessible Summer Vacation

Going on a trip requires a lot of planning, especially when looking for accessible destinations and activities. Although planning can be difficult and overwhelming at times, our Q Roll Models and brand ambassadors have written some helpful resources for other wheelchair users who want to travel.

Accessible Beach Vacation

Sakina Shamsi may be young but she’s no rookie, having visited countries like England, Mexico, Tanzania and India. When it comes to accessible travel, she has experience. Most recently, she traveled to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. She explores accessibility from the plane to transportation in the Dominican Republic to the hotel itself.

Spoiler alert: This ended up being her favorite trip yet!

If you want to go on an accessible trip to the beach, look no further than Sakina’s article Wheelchair-Friendly Beach Vacation.

Disability Summer Camps

Zoe Hernandez shares about summer camps for kids and adults with disabilities. Zoe has found that there are summer camps that offer specialized medical care for each disability, one-on-one buddies and outdoor activities. There are least 25 summer camps for kids with disabilities across the country and discusses three that you can consider: The Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp, Camp Greentop and the Children’s Association for Maximum Potential.

Zoe talks in-depth about the three disability summer camps, their history and what they offer. If joining a disability summer camp is something you would like to do, check out Zoe’s article on disability summer camps.

Accessible Outdoor Trips

If you’re not much of a beach person, there are other ways you can enjoy a vacation outdoors this summer. We’ve written a guide to wheelchair-accessible outdoors trips. In the guide, outdoor enthusiasts can find four different options for accessible outdoor vacations and steps you can take in planning your next trip. Whether it’s relaxing in nature or hiking, there’s something for everyone.

Tips for Planning an Accessible Vacation

Josh McDermott imparts on readers his accessible travel wisdom learned from past experiences with his article, Accessible Vacations. He says that the challenge isn’t in the destination itself, but rather whether the activities you want to do are ADA accessible. He discusses how Las Vegas is the most accessible location he’s been to and why he loves traveling there.

His biggest tip for travel enthusiasts in wheelchairs is to do your research before traveling, whether in or out of the country. He recommends going on the internet, calling places and asking friends and family if they have ever traveled to where you are planning to go.


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