Hobbies for Motorized Wheelchair Users

Do you know how to have fun? Whether you’re in quarantine or looking for a new hobby, there are plenty of options. Our brand ambassadors and Q Roll Models share some of their favorite hobbies and how you can start a new one!

Cooking as a Wheelchair User

Cooking and baking are popular pastimes of our brand ambassadors, Q Roll Models and friends of Quantum. Bryan Anderson blogs about how iLevel® technology helps make cooking more accessible and safer for wheelchair users. Before being able to elevate himself at iLevel, reaching countertops and cupboards were a struggle. In addition to that, there were some safety risks, such as accidentally splashing grease on his face and burning himself. With the added height, he says he can cook confidently and safely. He also blogs about the struggles of cooking for one.

Accessible Gardening

Do you have a green thumb? Health experts say that incorporating some green into your life can benefit your mental and physical health. Whether you spend most of your time indoors or out, you can learn the art of accessible gardening. Stephanie Woodward blogs about her experience tending to her own garden and what she’s learned throughout the process. This is a great activity for those who want to practice self-discipline, as gardens need maintenance. Unlike a sport, you can’t just garden whenever you want. Once you make the decision to care for plants, it’s an ongoing task.

Family Hobbies as a Wheelchair User

Q Roll Model Merlisha Henderson shares some of her favorite activities to do with her family. Different families have different goals. For some, it may mean remodeling the house together. For others, it may mean watching a movie or reading books as a family. For Merlisha and her family, their focus is getting and staying active. Learn more about Merlisha’s family hobbies at iLevel and how you can incorporate them into your family life.

Adaptive Sports

Do you love sports or want to learn more about them? Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not, we have resources for you. We have over twenty articles written on this blog and our main site. Each article gives an overview of a specific sport, as well as how you can get started if you’re interested in learning more. Some examples are power hockey, wheelchair fencing, adaptive snowboarding and adaptive archery. Fast-paced or less intensive, there’s a sport for every wheelchair user. Check out our articles on adaptive sports and start reading!


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