Discovering Child Electric Wheelchairs

If your child has been diagnosed with a severe medical condition that affects his or her mobility, you probably have a lot of questions. What kind of quality of life will he or she have? What kind of equipment will he or she need? We hope to answer some of your questions and guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate child electric wheelchair for your son or daughter.

Quantum® and Pediatric Wheelchair Manufacturers

There are many pediatric wheelchair manufacturers on the market. Quantum Rehab® is dedicated to delivering the most advanced, consumer-inspired complex rehab power wheelchairs and technologies to those who need them. From pediatric wheelchairs to electric wheelchairs for adults, Quantum products are designed to fully meet consumers’ medical and quality-of-life needs.

The Narrowest Child Electric Wheelchair

With so many pediatric wheelchair manufacturers and child power wheelchair models, you may feel overwhelmed by the options. Consider the Edge 3 Stretto®, the narrowest child power wheelchair, with an overall width 20.47 inches with 12.5-inch drive wheels. The Stretto’s narrower width provides exceptional maneuvering in the home, at school and on the playground. Fully customizable, the Edge 3 Stretto can be fitted with the components your child needs. Compatible with TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems, the Stretto can be customized with options such as power recline, power tilt, power articulating foot platform and more. The Stretto comes standard with rear and front LED lights, ensuring your son or daughter can see and be safely seen. A USB charger port is also standard.

iLevel® and Child Electric Wheelchairs

The Edge 3 Stretto child electric wheelchair is available with optional iLevel® technology, which raises the seat of the chair up to 12 inches. iLevel on the Edge 3 Stretto allows the user to drive at 3.5 mph while elevated. See your son or daughter’s confidence rise with iLevel, which enables your child to complete daily activities, such as transferring, grooming and reaching. “Officer” Morgan Steward is a Quantum brand ambassador and uses iLevel in his daily life. Discover how Morgan uses his pediatric wheelchair with iLevel at home and at school.

Ready to find out if the Edge 3 Stretto with iLevel is right for your child? Schedule a face-to-face exam with your child’s doctor or therapist. Your child can be evaluated to determine if he or she may benefit from a complex rehab power wheelchair, such as the Edge 3 Stretto.


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