Life in Quarantine as a Wheelchair User

At its core, life in quarantine sounds dull. Everyone stays home, sheltering in place. However, even though everyone is following the same guidelines, each person’s life before quarantine presents unique challenges in trying to continue that same lifestyle while staying at home. For Amy Bleile, that means problem-solving as she figures out how to deliver education services through a computer that are going to fit the needs of her students.

Not only is making the transition to online education an adjustment for educators, but it is also for a big change for students. Officer Morgan is learning to adapt to education outside the classroom and not having as much access to their teacher as they would in the classroom. He isn’t the only student that shares his experience schooling from home.

Sakina Shamsi: Home School in Quarantine

For Sakina, home school isn’t new. Before starting middle school, she did all her learning at home. While she enjoys the change of pace and familiarity of studying from home, she empathizes with other students who don’t have prior experience learning from a distance. Sakina is enjoying the flexibility that online learning has to offer while looking forward to returning to school to roam the halls and see her friends.

Stephanie Woodward: Spending My Birthday Social Distancing

Even though the hustle and bustle of going out and socializing in person has come to a halt, time itself hasn’t stopped. Each day that goes by, there are many people around the world who are celebrating their birthdays, but at a distance. Stephanie talks about her birthday experience during the pandemic, showing that distance doesn’t define how special a day is. There are ways to still make someone feel special, even if the celebration looks different.

Merlisha Henderson: Shelter in Place Made Fun

Shelter in place doesn’t have to mean sitting around, watching TV all day. Much like a staycation, sheltering in place is what you make of it. Merlisha shows that with a bit of creativity, there are a lot of fun activities open to you and anyone living with you. What does it look like to hang out with friends during the pandemic? What about fun activities to do at home with the family? Merlisha has you covered with several fun ideas that you’ll want to add to your quarantine bucket list!


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