Benefits of Using iLevel® in the Workplace

When it comes to iLevel and its benefits, we like to share how it impacts wheelchair users in their daily lives. For our younger wheelchair users, this may mean how iLevel® benefits them at school . For those who are in the working world, they experience similar benefits that make all the difference. Some of our Q Roll Models and brand ambassadors shared how iLevel has helped them in the workplace.

Stephanie Woodward

Stephanie works as a disability rights activist and told us how iLevel has aided in her mission to fight for the rights of disabled individuals and accessibility in communities.

She told us, “I’m disabled and proud because my disability is an integral part of who I am. My disability isn’t a flaw or a deficit – it’s an asset that I am very proud to have. My disability has led me to a successful career as a disability rights attorney. I don’t need to be able to walk to be a lawyer, I just need to be able to get into the courtroom, which I can do in my iLevel Power Chair. Many disabled people are just like me – we don’t want or need to be cured, we just need the right technology and access to allow us to live our lives.”

Merlisha Henderson

Merlisha currently works in the automotive finance industry, engaging and mentoring team members in the finer points of customer service. In her article How I Work with iLevel, she describes her newly accessible work environment and the upgrades that were made to the building where she works. Some upgrades include automated entry doors at the main entrance and department entrances in the building, an elevator with ample space and a wheelchair accessible parking space very close to the front.

While an accessible building makes navigating her workplace easier, Merlisha also explains how her wheelchair, and iLevel in particular, help her in the day-to-day tasks. From reaching the copier to communicating with coworkers, she can perform many daily duties independently.

Isabella Bullock

In Isabella’s article iLevel in the Workplace, she talks about the physical and social barriers that height presents. With her iLevel motorized wheelchair, Isabella breaks down those barriers, helping her to be independent and giving her more confidence. She currently works as an employment specialist for the Center of Independent Living, which requires her to communicate with consumers and co-workers daily. She also discusses the impact that a bit of extra height adds to how people view her as a professional. In addition to breaking down social barriers, Isabella is also able to work independently when it comes to using the copier and reaching for objects that are higher up.


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