COVID-19 Resources for People with Disabilities

There isn’t a lot of information written about COVID-19 for people with disabilities. On top of that, solid and authentic information can be hard to find. For that reason, we’re sharing some of the articles that our Q Roll Models and brand ambassadors have written during the pandemic, talking about their experiences.

Social Distancing with a Disability

By now, you’re probably familiar with the term “social distancing.” Staying six feet apart from others sounds simple and reasonable, but for many, it’s more complicated than that. So how does one practice social distancing? Why is it important for everyone to practice social distancing? Read about Madonna Long’s experience with social distancing and how it has impacted her as a wheelchair user.

For some people with disabilities, staying far apart from others is more than an inconvenience as they work with caregivers daily. Jesse Cuellar is in contact with three caregivers regularly that help him with daily living activities. How do social distancing rules apply to and affect caregivers and the person they’re assisting? Check out Jesse’s article on caretakers and social distancing to learn more.

COVID-19 and Working from Home

Whether you worked or went to school before the pandemic, there are probably some adaptations you’ve had to make to your daily routine. When it comes to transitioning into working or schooling from home, there are challenges that come with these changes. Have no fear though! Our Q Roll Models and brand ambassadors have got you covered.

Tim Shin writes about working from home in two of his articles: Working Remotely and Master the WFH Mindset. Tim, who has been working from home for the past five years, shares tips and tricks for those who are new at the whole work from home gig. From useful and necessary technology to mindset, there’s something for everyone.

School During a Pandemic

The daily routines of students have been shaken up as well. Like many employees have had to transition into full-time remote work, students are transitioning into being full-time online students. Q Roll Model Sakina Shamsi was homeschooled until she started middle school. With the pandemic in full swing, she is homeschooling again and enjoying the change of pace. Read about Sakina’s experience in Homeschooling While Quarantined.

For college students like Zoe Hernandez, they also have to switch to online or e-learning. Zoe shares about what technology she’s using and her thoughts about e-learning. Read about her experience transitioning into online college courses.

These are just some of the articles written by our Q Roll Models and brand ambassadors. For more articles about COVID-19 and disabilities, such as handwashing tips, protecting against COVID-19 and personal experiences, visit


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