Adaptive Sports to Try This Summer

Looking for something new and exciting to do this summer? Now that the weather is warm and sunny, it’s the perfect time to get out and try an outdoor adaptive sport. There are plenty of sports that are adapted for wheelchair users and can even be done alongside able-bodied friends and family. Try some of these sports this summer! 

Adaptive Swimming

Anyone can learn how to swim for fun. If you are looking to swim competitively in the future, there are some qualifications you need to meet. If you are just looking to swim recreationally, getting started is as simple as taking lessons or getting a coach to learn the basics. Want to learn more about adaptive swimming and how you can get started? We’ve got just the resource for you! Read our article Swimming for Para-athletes.

Adaptive Surfing

Another enjoyable sport for those who love the water is adaptive surfing. Unlike swimming, which can be done in a pool or at the beach, surfing is a little more limited. There’s more to this adaptive sport than just having access to a beach. First of all, you want to be able to get to the water. Motorized wheelchairs aren’t built to go on sand because there is a potential for sand or water to get into the electronics and cause the chair to malfunction. Traversing the sand requires a special beach wheelchair.

Another thing you want to consider is the type of surfboard you use and weather conditions on the day that you plan to go surfing. If you are interested in learning more about adaptive surfing, how to get started, and competitions, check out our article! 

Adaptive Mountain Biking

Prefer the mountains to the ocean? Adaptive mountain biking may be the sport for you. There are two different types of mountain biking, as well as different styles of mountain bikes that go along with them. Cross-country mountain biking is suitable for riders who prefer taking in nature at a slower and less extreme pace. Explore trails as you have fun and get your workout in.

Another popular type of mountain biking is downhill mountain biking. True to its name, downhill mountain biking consists of the rider careening down a hill. This is more suitable for the adventurous who have a need for speed. Riders can go down a variety of trails, depending on their comfort level.

Adaptive Water Skiing

If you don’t live near a beach, but you live near another body of water that can accommodate a high-speed boat, adaptive water skiing may be an option to add to your list.  This sport is attractive because it allows independence and is easy to learn. After taking a few lessons and mastering the basics, water skiers can continue to participate along with their friends and family. There are various options for adaptable equipment that make the sport accessible to all, including sit-skis, shoulder slings and outriggers. To learn more about the sport, equipment and competitions, read our article about adaptive water skiing.


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