Disability and Mindset During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing up our routines, forcing us to adapt and isolate for the safety of ourselves and others. We live with daily uncertainty. With so much negativity from increased screen time on the computer, watching the news or looking at social media, it can be hard to stop our head from spinning. How does one stay grounded with constant fear, anxiety and disheartening news surrounding us?

Our Q Roll Models and brand ambassadors share about their mindsets in daily life and during the pandemic, giving tips and insights from their lives.

Adapting to Change Through Art and Exercise

In his article, What Keeps Me Going, Jesse Cuellar talks about how the pandemic has affected him personally. Although he can no longer go to the gym, he finds ways to continue working out at home. Since the art room he goes to is also closed, he additionally has to come up with ways to create art within the walls of his home.

Do you struggle with working from home because you find it more distracting than switching up your environment? Similar to the challenges that come with working from home, the creative process can be hindered when staying in one space. Discover the hurdles Jesse has been overcoming as he adjusts to quarantine life.

Learning Mental Strength to Pay it Forward

When it comes to mindset, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is self care. When you strengthen your mind, not only are you helping yourself, but you are putting yourself in a position to help others who are also experiencing hardship.

Josh McDermott discusses this in his article Mental Mindset, where’s he’s becoming the go-to person for comfort and advice during the pandemic. He believes that mental strength is something that can be learned, rather than something people are born with. He talks about how his experience developing mental strength as someone with a disability and how it has helped him and others with disabilities stay grounded in the middle of so many life changes.

Adjusting Your Perspective Changes Your Life

There’s power in perspective. In her thought-provoking article, Think About Perspective, Merlisha Henderson talks about some common perspectives people have and the great impact that they can have on our lives.

Positive or negative, our actions stem from our thoughts and beliefs about life and our current situation. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as we are constantly surrounded by unrest and discouragement. How does one still their mind and stay focused on gaining new insight with all the noise from others? Read some actionable steps for how to shift your mindset and other factors that affect your perspective in Merlisha’s article on the Life at iLevel website.


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