Celebrate Disability Pride Month with Us

July is Disability Pride Month and we wanted to celebrate by sharing what our Q Roll Models and brand ambassadors have to say about disability pride. What is it and what does it mean to have disability pride? Check out these articles to learn more!

Stephanie Woodward’s Take on Disability Pride

For Stephanie Woodward, it’s almost like breathing. In celebrating the 29th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 2019, she reflects upon her own disability pride. Stephanie shows others how being in a wheelchair doesn’t make her a broken person, but a normal person. She exhibits true confidence and contentment in who she is, no matter what other people may say. She also talks about the Disability Community and how they strengthen, support and advocate for each other. Learn more about disability pride, confidence and the power of what can happen in your own life when a group of likeminded individuals come together with the same mission.

Jesse Cuellar’s Take on Disability Pride

For Jesse Cuellar, disability pride is not so innate, but once you have it, you cannot be shaken. Jesse believes that it’s something that develops over time, based on life experiences. Most of all, it’s something that you develop yourself. No one can develop pride and confidence for you and no one can take them away from you. Like Stephanie, he talks about the power of community and breaking stereotypes and misconceptions by showing able-bodied people that people with disabilities can do just as much as the next person. Want to learn more about cultivating disability pride? Check out Jesse’s article!

Emily Ladau’s Take on Disability Pride

Seeing other people with disabilities being represented in media and in ads made a huge impact on Emily Ladau. She recounts how when she was a young kid, she never saw disability representation in catalogs and in television. She tells about how representation or lack thereof can really influence the way a person sees themselves and their sense of belonging. She now uses her platform as a Q Roll Model to show those who are younger than her that they too can embrace life as a wheelchair user and that they don’t need to hide an important part of their identity. Read Emily’s story of how she became a proud wheelchair user.

Bryan Anderson’s Take on Disability Pride

Before pride comes acceptance. Bryan expresses how pride is possible and life changing, but it all starts with accepting yourself for the way you are. Using his disability pride, Bryan embraces his purpose by paying it forward. He is involved in the Disability Community by working with organizations like Quantum, USA Cares and the Gary Sinise Foundation. Within these organizations, he speaks and interacts with other veterans like himself in VA hospitals or events, helping them move forward so that they too can make a difference.

Want to get involved? Celebrate Disability Pride Month by sharing your story and participating in the Easterseals Virtual Disability Pride Parade! Learn more on their website.


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