The Best Pediatric Wheelchair Brands

Looking for the best pediatric motorized wheelchair for your child? Not sure which brand is best suited for your son or daughter? At Quantum Rehab®, we understand that the comfort of your child is extremely important to you, as well as his or her independence! Here are three reasons why you should choose Quantum, one of the best pediatric wheelchair brands on the market today!

We Build Custom Wheelchairs

At Quantum, we build each wheelchair to custom fit the individual. With so many options available, from power positioning and seating systems, to custom-built electronics and alternate drive controls, your son or daughter gets a wheelchair that best meets his or her needs. If your child needs a complex rehab wheelchair, we can refer you to a local authorized Quantum dealer. If your child qualifies for complex rehab, the dealer can evaluate your child’s needs and give you a quote. Learn more about custom wheelchairs and complex rehab.

We Offer the Ultimate Pediatric Power Chair

Quantum has the ultimate pediatric power chair, the Edge 3 Stretto®, which is also the narrowest, most maneuverable pediatric power chair in America. With an overall width of just 20.47 inches, the Stretto can maneuver around tight corners and small spaces. It also delivers a smoother ride with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension). The Edge 3 Stretto comes standard with LED fender lights and a USB charger port. Your son or daughter can choose from an array of exciting and fun colors, such as Green Machine or Lemon Crush.

Elevated Independence with iLevel®

The third reason why you should choose Quantum for your child’s wheelchair needs is optional iLevel® technology, which is available on the Edge 3 Stretto. iLevel is another great reason why Quantum is one of the best pediatric wheelchair brands in the industry. With iLevel on the Stretto, your child can elevate his or her wheelchair seating up to 12 inches and drive at 3.5 mph, so he or she can keep up with family and friends. iLevel offers Extra Stability Technology®, which enhances safety for transferring, reaching, cooking, grooming, toileting and many other activities of daily living. iLevel can benefit your child in the school setting as well. From reaching the water fountain to writing on the blackboard, your child can have greater access and independence with iLevel. iLevel also increases social confidence, allowing your child to be eye level with his or her peers.

Ready to order a custom wheelchair for your child? Find a dealer  near you today!


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