Staying in Shape During COVID-19

Living with limited mobility doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. In fact, health professionals recommend that individuals exercise because of the benefits, such as boosting your mood, easing depression, and relieving stress and anxiety. Reaping these benefits is more important now than ever as we stay at home, surrounded by COVID-19 news on TV and social media. If you aren’t sure where to start in finding the right workout for you, we have some ideas.

Individualized Adaptive Sports

Because of social distancing, team sports are currently not an option. However, if you like getting exercise through playing sports, don’t worry! You can still practice individualized adaptive sports. Quite a few sports have been adapted for wheelchair users so that people of all abilities can participate. Whether you live in the mountains or by the ocean, there is sure to be something for you. Check out our article on adaptive sports you can play during COVID-19 to learn more.

Exercising Outside for Wheelchair Users

Do you live near a trail or national park? With nicer weather coming and parks reopening around the country, going on hikes is another option you have for getting exercise. Just as there are many benefits for your physical and mental health in exercising, you can experience even more benefits for your physical and mental health in spending time outdoors in nature. Read our Wheelchair-Accessible Outdoors Guide to learn more about different options for outdoor activities.

Virtual Workouts for Wheelchair Users

Living in the technological age, finding what you need online can be as easy as doing a simple search. Because most of the world has also had to adapt to staying at home, there are many virtual workouts available online. You can do a search on YouTube or Google for workouts for wheelchair users at home. If you have a preferred activity, such as wheelchair yoga or adaptive Zumba, you can search for that specifically. Another way to find virtual workouts online is to check for any Facebook events in your area. Local fitness centers may offer online classes during COVID-19, some even offering classes for free.

Before you begin any kind of exercise regime, obtaining medical clearance is recommended. Speak with your primary care physician, physical therapist or other health care provider about what activities are appropriate based on your medical condition or disability. Learn more about exercising with limited mobility.


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