A Child Wheelchair and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy, sometimes referred to as CP, is a chronic condition where an individual is unable to fully control muscles, body movement and coordination. The condition usually originates before birth or during infancy, usually due to lack of oxygen to the brain or trauma. There are three cerebral palsy types: spastic, ataxic, and athetoid or dyskinetic. Symptoms can include spasticity, muscle spasms, involuntary movements, seizures and disturbance in gait and mobility. It can also include impairment of sight, speech and hearing.

If your child has cerebral palsy, assistive technology may be beneficial, depending on the severity of the medical condition. Some children may need a walker or brace to achieve independent mobility. More serious cerebral palsy types may require a complex rehab electric wheelchair, and electric wheelchairs from Quantum® can provide children with cerebral palsy the products they need to maintain mobility and independence.

Edge 3 Stretto™ Child Wheelchair

A child with cerebral palsy should be fitted to an electric wheelchair base that is compatible with components that meet the child’s needs. The Edge 3 Stretto™ child wheelchair is compatible with an array of power seating, positioning and drive controls. The Edge 3 Stretto is available with optional iLevel® technology, allowing a child to drive at 3.5 mph so he or she can safely cross streets and parking lots. iLevel power adjustable seat height raises a child wheelchair user up to 12 inches, increasing his or her independence and confidence in social situations. The Stretto comes standard with LED fender lights, allowing children to see and be safely seen.

Edge 3 Stretto with iLevel

Child Wheelchairs and Positioning

Symptoms of cerebral palsy can require power positioning components to assist with pressure relief or independent weight shifting. TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems is compatible with the Edge 3 Stretto and maximizes functional independence. Adjustments can be made quickly for maximum comfort. Available configurations on a child wheelchair include power tilt, power recline, manual recline, iLevel, static seating and contoured seating.

Child Wheelchairs and Drive Controls

Q-Logic 3

Customizable and very user friendly, Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls is available on the Stretto and comes standard with wireless Bluetooth® technology. Your son or daughter can use Q-Logic 3 Bluetooth programming to pair his or her child wheelchair with a variety of devices, such as a smart phone or tablet. He or she can then operate a device using the Q-Logic 3 screen. Bluetooth capability enhances learning in the school environment by providing wireless computer access for more independent participation.


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