Narrow Wheelchairs and Drive Wheels

Every narrow electric wheelchair has drive wheels! Did you know that there are different drive wheel configurations? There’s front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and of course, mid-wheel drive. Each type of drive-wheel configuration has its benefits. So, which type is right for you? We recommend speaking to your physical therapist and the ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) who works for your dealer. They can give you suggestions regarding which type of narrow electric wheelchair best suits you. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have some background information. Read on for a greater understanding of the different types of drive wheels on narrow wheelchairs.

Mid-Wheel Drive on a Narrow Electric Wheelchair

In a mid-wheel drive configuration, the drive wheels are found in the middle of the wheelchair. While operating a mid-wheel drive narrow wheelchair, the user’s center of gravity is almost even with the center of the drive wheels. This provides a tight turning radius. Mid-wheel drive can perform a 360-degree turn. With this kind of maneuverability, mid-wheel drive is the perfect choice for use in the home.

In terms of stability, mid-wheel drive provides excellent stability. With mid-wheel, there are six wheels on the ground, including two drive wheels and four casters. If a user needs greater stability due to his or her medical condition, mid-wheel drive is perfect for him or her. On a narrow wheelchair with mid-wheel drive, there are two casters at the front and two caster wheels at the back.

If mid-wheel drive is not the best choice for you, don’t worry! You can also consider rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive wheelchairs. Front-wheel drive is different from mid-wheel because it has two fewer tires. Less tires means less contact with the ground, increasing force and ultimately, traction. Discover other great benefits of front-wheel drive electric wheelchairs.

A Narrow Wheelchair with Mid-Wheel Drive

After consulting with your ATP and therapist, you might realize that mid-wheel is the best choice for you. Consider the Edge 3 Stretto™, a narrow electric wheelchair with mid-wheel drive. In addition to the mid-wheel configuration, the Stretto offers even more maneuverability due to its narrow width. When it comes to narrow wheelchairs for tight spaces, the Stretto delivers!

The Stretto’s narrow wheelchair width is 20.75 inches when 12.5-inch drive wheels are selected. If you choose 14-inch drive wheels, the narrow wheelchair width is 21.75 inches. No matter which size of drive wheels you pick, the Stretto navigates narrow doorways and tight corners easily. Equipped with independent SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension), the Stretto absorbs shocks from going over bumps or other uneven terrain. The Edge 3 Stretto is available with optional iLevel® power adjustable seat height, giving users greater access to their environment. LED lights and a USB charger port are also included standard, for the best narrow wheelchair on the market!


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