Child Electric Wheelchair Sports

Do you have a child that loves to play sports yet he or she uses a wheelchair? There are a ton of great wheelchair sports and adaptive sports that your child can get involved in. From wheelchair fencing to adaptive water skiing, you can find the perfect sport for your child that fits his or her abilities. Read on to learn about adaptive sports for a child in a wheelchair.

Fencing for Child Electric Wheelchair Users

If your son or daughter has upper body mobility, wheelchair fencing may be a fun sport for him or her to try! In child wheelchair sports, your child is classified based on his or her abilities. For example, if your son or daughter has full trunk movement and good balance, he or she falls into Class A. During wheelchair fencing, participants use different swords called the epée, foil and sabre and are required to wear protective equipment, including masks and puncture-resistant jackets. Learn more about child wheelchair fencing.

 Adaptive Softball for a Child in a Wheelchair

If your kid is interested in baseball, consider letting them join an adaptive softball league. When playing, your son or daughter can use a sport wheelchair instead of his or her regular kids wheelchair. The ball used in adaptive softball is 16 inches, allowing participants to easily catch the ball without a glove, and enabling them to keep one hand on their wheelchair. Wheelchair softball is typically played on a hard surface, such as a parking lot and is painted to resemble the traditional baseball diamond and field. Learn more about child power wheelchair softball.

Adaptive Water Sports for Kids in Wheelchairs

If you live along the coast or near a lake community, adaptive water sports are a great way for kids to strengthen their athletic skills. If your son or daughter is interested in surfing, some beaches have child motorized wheelchairs that can be rented and are designed to travel across sand. Once your child is on the beach, check out surfboard rental places to find the perfect surfboard for children just starting out. If adaptive water skiing on a lake is more suited to your child’s abilities, there is a wide array of equipment available, such as sit skis. Get more information on adaptive skiing for child power wheelchair users.


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