Baking the Most of It!

“iLevel has helped me see the world from a different perspective. It gives me independence to do things I couldn’t do before.“

— Sakina Shamsi, Randolph, New Jersey

At 11 years old, Sakina Shamsi has an incredible zest for life. The New Jersey native has many hobbies and passions, spurred on by the support of her friends and family. Nothing can hold her back!

“My friends and family push me to do new things every day,” Sakina said.

Although living with spinal muscular atrophy type 2 has its challenges, her disability doesn’t stop Sakina from doing what she loves. Sakina enjoys baking, especially cupcakes because it’s fun to decorate them! She also loves crafting, nature and horseback riding. With so many interests, Sakina lives a full and active life, sharing her adventures with followers on her Instagram account. She hopes it encourages and motivates people who live with disabilities to do what they love.

To help maintain her independence, Sakina uses an Edge® 3 with iLevel® technology. Sakina loves the iLevel feature on her power chair. With 12 inches of elevation at 4.5 mph, Sakina can experience her world on a whole new level.

“iLevel has helped me see the world from a completely different perspective. It gives me the independence to do things I couldn’t do before,” Sakina said.

With iLevel, Sakina can now play board games with her brother and reach cabinets in the kitchen, which makes baking much more enjoyable. She is a Q Roll Model for Quantum and is extremely active in the disability community. She participates in fundraisers and special needs events to help raise money and promote awareness for SMA.

While receiving her iLevel Power Chair is a huge deal for Sakina, this year has brought another momentous occasion. Sakina appears in the Spring issue of Today’s Kids in Motion, a Canadian publication. She shares how iLevel has changed her life and all the things she can now do independently.

“Having a disability doesn’t stop kids from living their lives,” Sakina said. “We can still find ways to enjoy normal things, but in a modified way.”


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