How Much Does a Child’s Wheelchair Cost?

If your son or daughter is living with limited mobility or has a disability that affects his or her movements, there are power wheelchair technologies available to make a difference in your child’s life. With a child wheelchair, your son or daughter can enjoy greater mobility, independence and enhanced quality of life.

Child Wheelchair Dimensions

There are many power wheelchairs on the market to consider. Why not consider the Edge 3 Stretto® child wheelchair from Quantum? This power wheelchair is a milestone in pediatric power! The Edge 3 Stretto child wheelchair dimensions depend on the drive wheels selected. If you select 12-inch drive wheels, the overall width of the wheelchair base is 20.47 inches. When 14-inch drive wheels are selected, the overall width is 21.75 inches. No matter which configuration you choose, your child will benefit from the narrow width, enabling him or her to maneuver in small rooms and tight spaces.

How Much Does a Child’s Wheelchair Cost?

Edge 3 Stretto Child’s Wheelchair with iLevel

You may want to know how much does a child’s wheelchair cost? The cost can vary greatly. Each power wheelchair is customized to meet the needs of the child. There is a wide array of components that can be added to a power chair.

The Edge 3 Stretto is compatible with TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems, which offers different options to ensure maximum comfort, positioning and support. Available configurations include power tilt, power recline, iLevel® power adjustable seat height, static seating and more.

To operate the Edge 3 Stretto, your child may require a specialized joystick or alternate drive controls. Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Control System can be adapted to suit your child’s abilities. Q-Logic 3 is standard with Bluetooth® technology, which further enhances your child’s independence.

For added comfort, your child may require a pediatric wheelchair cushion.  There are also additional accessories that may be purchased.

With so many components, the cost of a child’s wheelchair is determined by the components selected. Your child’s clinician can evaluate him or her and determine if your son or daughter qualifies for a child wheelchair. Together, your clinician and ATP (Assistive Technology Professional) can determine which components benefit your child the most. Click to learn more about how to purchase a power wheelchair for your child.


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