Narrow Wheelchair Batteries and Medicare

Practicing proper charging habits helps prolong the life of your narrow wheelchair batteries, but there still comes a time when you have to replace them. When you are ready to replace and dispose of them, you may wonder if the batteries for your narrow electric wheelchair are covered by Medicare.

Narrow Motorized Wheelchairs and Medicare Part B

Interceptor batteries

Medicare Part B may cover a portion of the cost of durable medical equipment (DME), such as a narrow wheelchair, when it is deemed medically necessary for the wheelchair user. To prove that your narrow wheelchair is medically necessary, your medical provider must write a prescription for the power wheelchair.

Medicare requires a face-to-face examination with a physician prior to writing a prescription for a power mobility device. During your exam, the doctor or physical therapist must first consider the use of other mobility aids, such as a cane walker, manual wheelchair or scooter before considering a complex power rehab electric wheelchair.

If your physician feels that your mobility needs must be resolved with a motorized wheelchair, this needs to be documented in your medical records. If the physician requests further examination to help determine the necessity of a complex power rehab equipment, they may set up an appointment with a physical therapist or occupational therapist to conduct further assessment.

If a doctor writes you a prescription for a narrow wheelchair, it is considered medically necessary. Narrow complex rehab wheelchairs are generally needed by individuals who have significant physical or mobility disabilities due to birth disorders, neuromuscular diseases and injuries.

Medicare Coverage Narrow Wheelchair Batteries

In addition to your narrow power wheelchair, Medicare Part B can also cover replacement batteries for your power chair if your current narrow wheelchair batteries are no longer working properly. Basically, if you qualify for the electric wheelchair, you also qualify for replacement batteries. Visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) for further details or to ask them any questions regarding coverage under Part B. Verify that the provider you have chosen to work with accepts Medicare before buying the batteries for your narrow wheelchair.

Other Narrow Wheelchair Battery Coverage Options

Consider these other options when purchasing narrow motorized wheelchair batteries.

Private Insurance Coverage

If you don’t have Medicare Part B, your doctor’s office may be able to confirm whether your private insurance will cover the cost of new wheelchair batteries. We also recommend that you contact your insurance company directly to find out if batteries for your narrow wheelchair are covered. Simply dial the number listed on your insurance card and speak to a representative.

CareCredit Coverage

If you aren’t eligible for Medicare Part B and your electric wheelchair batteries are not covered by your private insurance, there is an alternative option. Many authorized Quantum providers that sell power wheelchair batteries accept credit cards, cash, money orders or offer financing options. Many Quantum providers around the country participate with CareCredit, a credit card that allows you to pay for medical equipment and services over time. The payment plan is based on your budget. There are also special promotional financing options available upon credit approval. Contact your provider today to find out how you can fill out an application or visit for more information.

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