Where to Buy a Wheelchair for Kids

Your child may qualify for a Quantum® Power Chair if he or she has been diagnosed with a medical condition that affects his or her mobility. He or she needs a prescription from their physician or physical therapist before purchasing a motorized wheelchair.

To get that prescription, schedule a face-to-face evaluation with your child’s doctor or physical therapist to determine his or her mobility needs. During the evaluation, the doctor or physical therapist will discuss which kids wheelchair is best for him or her, based on needs and lifestyle.

Once your son or daughter has a prescription, you are ready to purchase a kids motorized wheelchair. The next step is finding a place that sells wheelchairs for kids near you.

Purchasing a Kids Wheelchair

  • Go to quantumrehab.com
  • Locate the Find a Dealer button in the upper left corner of the homepage. When you click it, you will be taken to our Dealer Locator where you can find authorized Quantum Dealers near you
  • Enter your ZIP code, check the box, and click search
  • You can adjust the mileage box to find a provider that is as close as five miles or as far as 100 miles from the ZIP code you entered
  • The Quantum mobility product providers nearest your ZIP code will appear in the search results

Your child’s doctor or physical therapist may work with an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) who works for the authorized Quantum dealer. ATPs are certified through RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America). Together, the ATP and therapist determine which electric wheelchair and components benefit your child the most.

In addition to purchasing a wheelchair for your child, kids wheelchair accessories are also available. These kids wheelchair accessories can increase your child’s independence and making operating a power wheelchair safer and more convenient.

Kids Wheelchair Medicaid Funding

If your child has a medical need for a power wheelchair, they may qualify for Medicaid funding. Medicaid may cover the cost of a kids wheelchair, however, a written prescription is required and the prescription must specify the type of kids wheelchair needed. Learn more about kids wheelchair Medicaid funding.


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