Where to Buy a Wheelchair for Children

Your child may qualify for a Quantum® Power Chair if he or she has been diagnosed with a medical condition that affects his or her mobility. Before purchasing a child wheelchair, you need to schedule a face-to-face evaluation with your child’s doctor or physical therapist to determine his or her mobility needs. During the office visit, the doctor or physical therapist can help choose which child wheelchair is best for your child’s needs and may write a prescription for a motorized wheelchair.

Edge 3 Stretto with iLevel technology

Once your son or daughter has a prescription, you are ready to purchase a child’s electric wheelchair, but you may not know where to find a place that sells wheelchairs for children near you. Quantum Rehab makes finding local dealers near you simple! Just follow these easy steps:

  • Visit quantumrehab.com
  • Click on the Find a Dealer button in the upper left corner of the homepage. You will be taken to our Quantum Dealer Locator
  • Enter your ZIP code, check the box, and hit search
  • You’ll see a list of authorized Quantum mobility product providers near your ZIP code
  • You can adjust the mileage box to find a provider that is as close as five miles or as far as 100 miles from the ZIP code you entered
Reading the Search Results

The search results show provider contact information such as the store name, address and phone number. If they offer iLevel® technology or work with CareCredit, it will show up in the results. If you are unfamiliar with the address of the dealer, you can view directions and a map for added convenience. After finding the dealer’s information, you can choose to contact them yourself, or request to be contacted. Simply click the “Request to be Contacted” button on the right and fill out the form. The dealer will then contact you directly.

Your child’s doctor or physical therapist may work with an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) who works for the authorized Quantum dealer. ATPs are certified through RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America). Together, the ATP and therapist determine which electric wheelchair and components benefit your child the most.

Buying a Child Wheelchair Outside of the United States

If you live outside of the United States and want to buy a child wheelchair, we work with providers in many different countries. Although you cannot use the dealer locator to find a dealer near you, we make finding a dealer near you effortless. It’s as easy as contacting us or one of our international subsidiaries, nearest to where you live. Let us know that you are looking to buy a child wheelchair and we can have a dealer local to your area contact you.

You can reach us through our Facebook page, chat live with a representative on our website, fill out a contact form or call us at 1-833-745-3835.

To contact one of our international subsidiaries, locate the international dropdown menu at the top of our website, then click on the subsidiary closest to where you are located. The subsidiary lists contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers on their page. If applicable, you may also contact them through their social media page.


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