Taking the Reins on Life

“I elevate myself so that the big horses can see me a lot better. You’re less intimidating at their level.”

— Christina Myers, Quakertown, PA

Old habits die hard, as well as old preferences. Christina Myers had used a manual wheelchair for several years. Over time, she needed multiple surgeries and as a result, it was suggested that she move into a power chair. However, she preferred using a manual wheelchair.

“I didn’t want to get lazy by using a power chair,” Christina stated, describing herself as an active person, as well as a bit competitive.

Her preference for using a manual wheelchair remained until she met Quantum Rehab’s Mark Smith. After they spoke, she saw that a power chair wasn’t going to prevent her from doing things, but rather open the door to more opportunities.

Christina lives her life doing what she loves, much opposite of what she thought her life might look like in a power wheelchair. From cooking to archery to taking care of horses, she is living her life to the fullest. While she loves every feature that she has on her Edge 3 with iLevel®, she cited some of the features she uses in her daily life, including when cooking and baking.

“I made chicken soup and muffins and could move from the counter to the oven. It makes life accessible. The kitchen isn’t fully accessible, but this helps me cook safer and easier.”

Safety when cooking and baking is one thing, but safety when it comes to working outside is a horse of a different color.

“I work with little and big horses. That’s where iLevel comes in. I elevate myself so that the big horses can see me a lot better. You’re less intimidating at their level. I’m safer elevated with them. With the old chair, they couldn’t see me as well and I had to dodge them.”

Christina is passionate about horses, so she spends a lot of time outdoors. She noted the temperature regulating feature of her Edge 3’s cushion, the TRU-Comfort 2.

“I was out in the cold weather the other day, doing activities with my horses at 8 or 9. I didn’t even have a coat on because I didn’t know how cold it was. It regulated my temperature!”

Sometimes life is a smooth ride, and other times, it can get a little bumpy. Christina notes the importance of having good suspension as a wheelchair user, citing her experience with her Edge 3’s SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension).

“I can go over different terrain. It’s always a smooth ride and it absorbs a lot. You don’t have a bumpy ride. I have cerebral palsy so the more bumps I get, the more problems I get,” she explained.

The SRS on Christina’s Edge 3 power wheelchair consists of three coil-over, gas-charged shocks that provide an ultra-smooth and quiet ride. Additionally, it adds stability to optional iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height on the Edge 3 motorized wheelchair.

Christina’s love for horses goes back to when she was just three years old and her mother found a program for horseback riding. It wasn’t long until they learned how beneficial horseback riding was for her wellbeing.

In addition to attributing her history with horses to her parents, she said, “My parents are very supportive and involved. I’m very thankful for them.”

Taking her passion to a whole new level, Christina frequently competes with her horses. Most recently, she competed in the National I Area Show in Harrington, Delaware and was a bit of a dark horse herself. She won several ribbons, including 2nd place as the only disabled contestant in a group of able-bodied individuals. She also made Reserved Champ this season at her local club.

Throughout her success in showing horses, Christina has remained humble and looks to motivate others.

“Do what you love and love what you do. It’s not just about competing for me when I get into the show ring. It’s about teaching others, inspiring, and pushing yourself past your limits to success.”

Not only has Christina been successful in her shows, but she has also been successful in leading a life she loves as an example for others. We are chomping at the bit to see what she does next!


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