Wheelchair Accessories for Travel

There are a variety of wheelchair accessories out there and each one fulfills a different purpose. In fact, they can be a traveler’s best friend. If you are traveling with your power wheelchair, you’ll want to check out our list of accessories that will be useful for your upcoming trip.

Accessories for Storage

It’s always good to be prepared when going away. Whether you are looking for empty space to carry souvenirs or for your everyday necessities, we have a couple different options that you can look into. If you’re looking for storage space for smaller items, we recommend our glove box. Although its primary function is in its name, you can get creative and fit various small items in there, such as keys and sunglasses. Since we offer the glove box, they are compatible with our Quantum motorized wheelchairs, so you don’t have to worry about carrying the glove box with you. You can easily attach it to your power wheelchair and go.

For bigger items, such as a map, towel and snacks, we suggest carrying our Quantum backpack. Now, you could look online for any ordinary backpack that you like. However, the Quantum backpack was specially designed for power wheelchair users, featuring smaller straps that won’t get in the way while you sightsee and navigate around your destination. In addition to the smaller straps, it features a clip that will help secure the backpack to your Quantum motorized wheelchair so that it doesn’t slip off.

We also offer a pair of backpack holders that will make your life easier as you travel without having to carry a lot.

Accessories for Visibility

Traveling during the daytime is the safer choice when it comes to visibility. If you will mostly be out and about during the day, you can have visibility both behind and ahead with our rearview mirror.

However, it’s not uncommon to find good deals on overnight plane rides and bus trips. Whether you need to cross the street to get to the station or navigate in the dark, we offer a few options that will help you both see where you’re going and be seen by others.  LED fender lights come standard on the Edge® 3, iLevel®, 4Front® and Q6 Edge® Z. If you have a power wheelchair that doesn’t come with LED fender lights, another great option for visibility is the reflector kit.

Accessories for Staying Hydrated

Not only is your visibility and safety important, but so is your health. Keep hydrated while on the go with our front-mounted cup holder that attaches to our power wheelchairs, allowing you to carry your beverage with you wherever you go.

An alternative option we have for power wheelchairs is the hydration system. You can enjoy your drink through a long bendy straw that wraps around your chair towards the front, with a bottle mounted to the back of the motorized wheelchair.

Accessories for Your Phone

The last thing you want while you’re away from home in an unfamiliar place is your primary source of communication, and in some cases navigation, dying. Our standard USB charger powers electronic devices, like your phone, while on the go. It comes standard on the Edge 3 power wheelchair.

We also offer the TRU-Balance® 3 USB mobile device charger, which is different than the standard USB charger. The TRU-Balance 3 version is available as an option on all TRU-Balance 3 seating systems.

If you are interested in purchasing an accessory for your motorized wheelchair, you can reach out to a local Quantum Rehab® provider. If you aren’t sure who your authorized Quantum provider is, call us at 1-833-745-3835 with the motorized wheelchair’s serial number and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. If you aren’t sure where to find the serial number, you can check out our FAQ page to learn more.

Check out our article to learn more about what accessories for power wheelchairs we offer!


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