How to Get Your Child’s Wheelchair Serviced

Your child’s Edge 3 Stretto™ is a sophisticated power chair. Like any mobility product, it requires routine maintenance checks, some of which require assistance from your Quantum Rehab Provider. Preventive maintenance is very important. Getting your child’s power wheelchair serviced can help ensure that the power wheelchair gives him or her years of trouble-free operation. Getting your child’s wheelchair serviced can be done in a variety of ways.

Servicing Your Child’s Wheelchair Locally

The first thing we recommend you do if your child’s wheelchair needs servicing is to contact your dealer. If you aren’t sure who your local dealer is, contact us with your child’s power wheelchair’s serial number and we can look up who your authorized Quantum Rehab® dealer is and give you their contact information. They can assist in servicing your child’s wheelchair, as well as getting any necessary wheelchair parts.

Interactive Assist – The Remote Service App

Does your dealer use Interactive Assist? If you have the Q-Logic 3 controller, your provider can use Interactive Assist to eliminate wasteful trips! This must-have app for remote service provides a direct, real-time connection from a power chair’s electronics to a provider’s programming station. The connection provides the technician with full system and diagnostics information along with tools, such as a real-time mirror image of the power chair’s electronics display. Using Interactive Assist, your provider may be able to quickly resolve issues with your chair. If you don’t currently have the app, you can download it today from your phone’s app store.

Servicing Your Child’s Wheelchair Away from Home

If you are away from home and need to get your child’s wheelchair serviced, you can easily locate an authorized Quantum dealer near you. The process is simple:

  • Visit our website,
  • Click on the Find a Dealer button in the upper left corner of the homepage to navigate to our Quantum Dealer Locator
  • Enter your ZIP code, check the box and hit search
  • You’ll see a list of authorized Quantum mobility product providers near your ZIP code
  • You can adjust the mileage box to find a provider that is as close as five miles or as far as 100 miles from the ZIP code you entered

The search results of providers include the provider name and contact information. If you are unfamiliar with the address, you can also view directions and a map for added convenience. After finding the provider’s information, you can choose to contact the provider yourself, or request to be contacted. Just click the “Request to be Contacted” button on the right and fill out the form. The provider will then contact you directly.

Servicing Your Child’s Wheelchair Outside of the United States

Quantum Rehab has subsidiaries around the world that work with local dealers in other countries. If your child’s wheelchair needs servicing while outside of the United States, contact us or one of our international subsidiaries. we can have a dealer from that region contact you.

You can reach us by phone at 1-833-745-3835, on our Facebook page, live chat on our website or by filling out a contact form.

To contact one of our international subsidiaries, locate the international dropdown menu at the top of our website and click on the corresponding subsidiary, closest to where you’re located. The subsidiary lists contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers on their page. If applicable, you may also contact them through their social media pages.


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