Amp Up Autumn with These Features

Autumn is a season that is loved by many for its colorful atmosphere and variety of activities and events. You’ve probably already seen some fall bucket list graphics circling around social media, as well as posts from friends and family who have been trying to cross off all the items on it. Many fall activities are wheelchair accessible and can be enjoyed by people of all abilities. However, we wanted to share some power wheelchair features that’ll take your autumn to the next level. These features will not only make things safer and more convenient, but they’ll have you falling for the Edge 3 with iLevel this season!

iLevel Elevation

With iLevel® technology, you can elevate 12” on your Edge 3, making it easier to see and be seen at football games. Edge 3 power wheelchair user, Christina Myers, shared how iLevel helped her to transfer onto a hayride.

iLevel is also perfect for the aspiring cooks and bakers who love making fall dishes. Christina also spoke with us about her experience baking muffins at iLevel. Because of the 12” of elevation on her seat, she was able to reach ingredients on shelves and in cabinets of her kitchen, as well as elevate up and down whenever she needed to reach her oven or her countertop.

SRS Suspension on Your Wheelchair

When it comes to outdoor activities like apple picking and going on a hike to see the fall foliage, the terrain can be bumpy. In addition to those fun festivities, some corn mazes have paths that are both wide and flat enough for a wheelchair to safely travel through, making them an accessible activity to add to your fall bucket list. We recommend that you call the farm ahead of time to ask if their corn maze is wheelchair accessible.

Having reliable suspension on your power chair is important. Experiencing high amounts of vibration in a power wheelchair has been linked to user fatigue and discomfort. With unprecedented comfort and ride quality, Smooth Ride Suspension (SRS) delivers exceptional driving performance over multiple terrains. Additionally, SRS adds stability to optional iLevel® Power Adjustable Seat Height.

LED Lights on Your Power Wheelchair

Looking for your fall to be lit? The LED lights that come standard on the Edge 3 power chair offers increased visibility. Whether you are wanting to see better when trick-or-treating, navigate easily through spooky attractions or even tell scary stories outside, you can easily operate your LED lights. It’s as simple as touching a switch!

The positioning of these lights increases pedestrian visibility from a wide range of angles. Christina shared that when she got back from her hayride, she was able to easily find her motorized wheelchair because of the light.


One feature that comes standard on every power chair but gets overlooked is the seatbelt. To ensure your safety, it’s important to wear your seatbelt, especially when navigating uneven terrain in the dark.

When it comes to “accessibility”, everyone has a different interpretation of what it means for a place or event to be accessible. Trying new activities can be intimidating, but Christina said it best: “Just get out there and do what you want to do. Your chair’s going to help you.”

If you want to learn more about the features and benefits of iLevel and how they can not only enhance your fall activities, but also your daily life, click the link for more information!


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