Finding a Compatible Lift for a Narrow Wheelchair

Purchasing a wheelchair lift could be a valuable investment for you and your loved ones as you travel. You can securely store your narrow wheelchair in the vehicle and bring it with you wherever you go. There are several kinds of vehicle lifts for your narrow wheelchair, including platform lifts and arm or boom lifts. Don’t be fooled! Although there are options out there for lifts, you won’t want to buy just any wheelchair vehicle lift.

There are different factors to take into consideration when choosing the most compatible lift. First and foremost, you want to know the make and model of the primary vehicle you travel in, and the specific model of your narrow wheelchair.

What to Measure

There are four dimensions that are important to know when assessing the compatibility of your wheelchair lift for a vehicle. You should know the weight, length, width and height of the narrow power wheelchair. This is an essential step that should be done carefully. If your wheelchair weighs more than the maximum weight capacity for the wheelchair lift, it can damage the vehicle lift and even make it unsafe to use. The wheelchair lift’s weight capacity should equal or be more than the weight of your narrow electric wheelchair.

Measuring Your Narrow Wheelchair

When measuring your power wheelchair, begin from the front and end at its longest point in the rear. This includes rear casters trailing, if applicable. When measuring the width, you want to go through a similar process. Measure your narrow wheelchair from side-to-side at its widest point. It’s critical that the mobility product’s measurements line up with the dimensions of the platform lift, even leaving room to spare.

Edge 3 Stretto

To measure the height of the motorized wheelchair, measure from the ground to its tallest point, with the backrest folded, if applicable. This measurement is important because it determines whether the power wheelchair fits through the vehicle’s rear hatch or side door opening and then can fit inside the vehicle.

If you already own a Quantum® Power Chair, such as the Edge 3 Stretto™, we make measuring your product easy! Check out our Brochures page under the General Resources tab to find the specifications for your particular power wheelchair. These include the dimensions mentioned earlier, such as length, width, height and weight.

Consult a Professional

Although it’s good to be prepared for a consultation and do your research before investing in a new product, it’s also a good idea to speak with a professional. When you visit a provider that sell lifts, you can find sales representatives who are familiar with several types of lifts and power wheelchairs. They can discuss which vehicle lifts are compatible with both your narrow wheelchair and the vehicle you use. Speaking with a professional helps you make a confident decision when finding a compatible lift for your narrow wheelchair.


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