Winter Activities for Wheelchair Users

Many people enjoy winter for the cooler weather and the beautiful snow-covered scenery. However, there are also plenty of people who dislike the winter for the same reasons. They believe that winter is limiting and that they cannot leave their house because of the weather. The truth is, how your winter turns out depends on your perspective. There are several fun activities that can only be done during this season. With a little bit of research, you too can take part in these activities and make the most of your winter.

See Light Displays

Looking for something to brighten up your night? Winter can be dull and affect your mood. If you have a case of the winter blues and are looking for a pick-me-up, we recommend checking out if there are any light displays near you. All around the world during the holiday season, people string up their holiday lights. Whether you are driving through your neighborhood or going to a well-known light display, you can enjoy the festive decorations that light up the area. If you do choose to go to a light display, there may also be other activities available, such as a walkthrough portion where you can get out of the car and look around at other areas that are decorated with lights. Several places also offer shops where you can browse, buy gifts, or even grab a seasonal snack.

Go to Holiday Markets and Events

Maybe you and your friends aren’t ones for hosting holiday parties. Throughout the holiday season, several towns and cities offer holiday markets and events where you can purchase goods from local vendors. Whether you plan on purchasing something or not, it’s still nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air while admiring the scenery. Before you go, we recommend calling the place you are going to ahead of time to make sure what you want to do accommodates wheelchair users. Even if they advertise their event or market to be wheelchair accessible, you will want to discuss possible barriers you may encounter while you’re there.

Cooking and Baking

Maybe you prefer staying inside, cozying up with a warm drink and having a holiday movie marathon. Whether you are watching your favorite movies alone or with friends and family, you can take your evening indoors to the next level with iLevel® power chairs by enjoying a relaxing evening with the best snacks. If you love cooking or baking, or would like to give either a try, iLevel technology allows you to be able to reach your ingredients on shelves and in cabinets in your kitchen by elevating your seat up to 12 inches. Take advantage of seasonal flavors this year as you cook that perfect dish.

Adaptive Winter Sports for Wheelchair Users

The first snowfall is exciting and beautiful, but once it gets into January and winter seems to linger, you may start to get tired of it. Post-holidays, there aren’t as many fun activities, events and parties going on and you are forced to make your own fun. Have you been wanting to get out or maybe exercise off all the holiday goodies? You can do both! Several winter sports have been adapted so that people of all abilities can participate, both indoor and outdoor. Whether you consider yourself to be athletic or simply want to try something new, we have several articles that talk about winter sports for wheelchair users and how you can get involved, including adaptive snowboarding, adaptive skiing and sled hockey.


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