Quantum Searching for Q Roll Models in Contest

Quantum Rehab® is searching for five wheelchair users from across the country to be Q Roll Models.

Winners of the Q Roll Model Contest will each win a four-month paid Q Roll Model contract and a Quantum® Power Chair with iLevel® technology, including complimentary future service and parts. The contest runs July 1-31, 2019.

“We want to bring five people on board who could benefit from iLevel the most so we can give them the gift of life-sustaining independence,” said Megan Kutch, Director of Quantum Marketing. “The winners will share their new experiences so people can see how iLevel benefits them in their daily activities, makes social interactions more fulfilling and increases their quality of life.”

The contest is open to legal residents of the United States who are 18 years and older, and children 10 years and older with parent/guardian written consent. To enter, participants should go to lifeatilevel.com during the promotional period and click on the contest box for further instructions. Judging will consist of public voting (10 percent), picture content (30 percent) and an explanation of how iLevel would help the contest participant live his or her best life (60 percent).

“Quantum Rehab’s commitment to the disability community goes beyond creating innovative power wheelchairs that allow us to live our best lives,” said Stephanie Woodward, Brand Ambassador for Quantum Rehab. “We know that there is no one type of wheelchair user. We are dedicated to creating wheelchairs that are as unique as the people who sit in them every day and we truly value the authentic and diverse population that we serve. That’s why this contest offers a custom power wheelchair with iLevel technology and a four-month paid contract to five awesome, relatable wheelchair users.”


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