Stay Active with Power Wheelchair Sports

Power wheelchair sports are a great way for people with disabilities to strengthen their athletic skills, get involved in their local community and most importantly, have fun. These adaptive sports provide recreational and competitive opportunities for both manual wheelchair and power wheelchair users. Plus, power wheelchair sports help users stay fit and active. Read on to learn more about adaptive sports.

Power Hockey

Power hockey is an adaptive sport, played by individuals who use motorized wheelchairs. Many of the participants in power hockey have disabilities such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and spinal cord injuries. In power wheelchair hockey, the electric wheelchair is used as a source of strength and speed for the player during the game. Power hockey is played on a basketball court with all-plastic hockey sticks, and a plastic ball is used in lieu of a puck. Learn more about power hockey for electric wheelchair users.

Power Wheelchair Soccer

One of the fastest growing adaptive sports, power soccer is played by motorized wheelchair users who use their mobility chair to maneuver an oversized ball across a regulation-sized basketball court to score a goal. Both girls and boys can participate in this power wheelchair sport. The electric wheelchairs are slightly modified with bumpers during the game. Read more about power wheelchair soccer.

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is one of many wheelchair sports played at the Paralympic Games. Participants in the sport require the use of a manual or electric wheelchair in their daily lives. Wheelchair basketball uses classifications to categorize athletes into different sport classes. While there are many similarities between wheelchair basketball and basketball, rules regarding dribbling the ball are slightly modified. Learn more about the rules of wheelchair basketball.

Wheelchair Rugby

Played indoors on a basketball-sized court, wheelchair rugby combines different aspects of rugby, basketball and handball. This full-contact, adaptive sport is available to both male and female players, and players use manual wheelchairs specifically designed for the game. Wheelchair users who have impaired muscle power, athetosis, impaired passive range of movement, hypertonia, ataxia or limb deficiency are eligible to participate in wheelchair rugby. Read more about wheelchair rugby.


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