Now Stealth Products Cushions: Now Available

New Stealth Products® Cushions offer a variety of power chair seat cushions and seat backs to meet consumers’ pressure management, skin protection and positioning needs. To make the cushion selection process a little easier, Stealth Products Cushions are all marked with a color-coded PVC patch. The color of the patch identifies the function and HCPC code of the cushion.

The TRU-Comfort 2 SPP Seat Cushion combines a deep contoured, high-density molded foam base with a CoolCore® technology cover. The Spectrum® Foam SPP Seat Cushion and the Spectrum® Gel SPP Seat Cushion also feature CoolCore technology and a urethane liner for incontinence. The Simplicity G Seat Cushion comes standard with a moisture-wicking and easy-to-clean Stealth-Tek incontinence cover.

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