Quantum’s iLevel® Technology Surpasses 5,000 User Milestone

Thursday, November 10, 2016

EXETER, PA – Quantum Rehab® is pleased to announce that its revolutionary, patented iLevel® power-adjustable seat height technology has now been embraced by over 5,000 users.

Officially launched in July 2015, iLevel elevates the seat up to 10”, while simultaneously stabilizing the power wheelchair via Extra Stability Technology™, allowing full functionality at walking height and speeds up to 3.5 mph for empowered independence and complete inclusion.

“Seeing how iLevel has enhanced the lives of so many users by providing access to the vertical environment and autonomy with their peers has been phenomenal,” shares Julie Piriano, Vice President, Clinical Education/Rehab Industry Affairs & Compliance Officer. “Users express that iLevel revolutionizes their power chair use by evolving it from basic movement in a two-dimensional plane, to complete mobility and access in a three-dimensional plane. While moving at the height and speed of life, iLevel doubles functionality, inspires users to imagine the possibilities, and fully supports them in performing their activities of daily living at the highest level possible.”

The success of iLevel is attributed to both user demand and an ever-changing understanding by payors toward funding highly-functional complex rehab technologies that improve lives.

“When clinicians and ATPs – as well as users, themselves – explain that stabilized, power-adjustable seat height, such as iLevel technology, increases health, safety, independence, and full inclusion, payors see its necessity,” elaborates Piriano. “With over 5,000 users’ lives enhanced by iLevel, this is a milestone in so many ways for those with complex rehab needs.”

John Storie, Director of Quantum Sales, Eastern America, adds, “On the sales side, consumers are telling the industry that static wheelchair height in complex rehab is less and less acceptable in their lives. We are witnessing ‘standing height’ mobility become the new norm. As iLevel numbers demonstrate, consumers are shifting toward demanding the most functional, inclusive mobility technologies possible.”

For more information on iLevel technology, please visit quantumrehab.com/ilevel-power-chairs.

About Quantum® Rehab

Quantum Rehab® is a premier global innovator of consumer-inspired complex rehab products, including the Q6 Edge® 2.0 and Quantum Series of power bases, iLevel® seat elevation technology, TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems, Q-Logic 2 Drive Control System, Synergy® Cushions and Backs, and Stealth® Products positioning components. Please visit www.quantumrehab.com.


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